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A Pipeline to the Chinese Past by Matt Zdun

Miguel dekes, evades, maneuvers and is gone by Ben Pope

There’s no wall from Trinidad or is there? by Lauren Dolowich

Jordan: A home away from home by Audrey Debruine

From “wet foot” by raft to “dry foot” with Uber by Dani Grava

Desperate times call for my grandma’s coming-of-age story by Nicki Kaplan

There’s no textbook for suffering in silence through Islam 101 by Katie Pach

I learned the blues in Texas by Christian Welch

Why my mother hates hot dogs by Andy Weir

A Canadian’s dreams are given purpose by Kaitlyn Budrow

Baking to cope: A tradition becomes habit that becomes necessary to survive by Kathryn Karnaze

I’m one quarter Brazilian feijoada by Allyna Mota Melville

Being an American in America is so much easier, but there’s more by Brii A. Williams

I can finally see myself as an immigrant having to decide by Zoe Davis

A cross country chase for the American dream by Mary Orders


We puzzled over many of the same questions people are asking, and we sought out answers to them:

Can President Trump cut off funds, as he has pledged, to places—such as cities, colleges and churches—that have declared themselves to be immigrant sanctuaries? by Matt Zdun

What is the current vetting process for refugees to enter the US, and how is that likely to change under the Trump administration? by Andy Weir

How is the US helping Syrian refugees who’ve been admitted into the country, and how is that likely to change under the Trump administration? by Kathryn Karnaze

In what ways are Muslims being treated differently through President Trump’s immigration or travel restrictions, and how are the actions being perceived among Muslims and others in the US? by Brii Williams

Do immigrant children learn in the same ways as other kids they’re in school with? by Katie Pach

How do fake lawyers con immigrants, set them back in their applications and risk getting them deported? by Christian Welch

Why do so many Mexican immigrants come to the United States? by Dani Grava

What happens with Cubans who’ve benefitted from the wet foot-dry foot policy and are here now, or with those caught in transition? by Zoe Davis

What is the day of deportation like for someone being deported from the US? by Ben Pope

Are there more immigrants taking martial arts classes than others? If so,why? by Nicki Kaplan

How do undocumented workers affect the American economy? by Mary Orders


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