Chicago buzzes in the summer: Snapshots from 2010

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Chicago buzzes in the summer. You feel it along the lakefront, on the beaches, in the parks and streets, at the festivals. It’s music to the ear, outdoor concerts as backdrop to conversations in every language. Immigrants, tourists, performers, extended families and friends seizing the day and whiling away the nights. The census is about to confirm what is obvious; that the Chicago area is a cloudburst of immigrant voices sprinkling onto city life. We walked around this summer to 15 sites, sparking conversations about immigrant experiences and memories. We invite you to listen to them. They’re inspiring and cautionary.

You can access them in a number of ways. Click on words in the cloudburst above, and you’ll be whisked to one of the 15 sites and greeted by a slideshow that sets the mood. Or at the bottom of this page, you can click on the photos and be transported to the sites. If you want, you can click here and go to an alphabetical listing of the more than 150 people whose voices and stories help to fill our city. Or start with these samplings: Nikhil Aggarwal, who was born and raised in Delhi, India, talks about cultures and meeting different people. Jacob Zajaczkowski talks about the difficulties of adapting to life in America as a young child.

Summer 2010 Snapshots

Here are the 15 sites we visited this summer. Please click on a photo and be transported to the site to listen to the immigrant stories and memories of those we met there.

Thai Fest
Taste of Chicago
Fiestas Puertorriqueñas
Naturalization ceremonies
Irish Fest
Grazyna Auguscik concert
Green City Market
World Refugee Day
Haitian Picnic under the Sun
Fiesta del sol
Millennium Park concerts
Custer Street Fair
Chicago Arabesque

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