Do I Qualify? If you answer YES to ONE of the following questions, then you may* qualify for dual citizenship.

1)      Was your mother or father an Italian citizen when you were born?

  • Note: If one of your parents renounced their Italian citizenship at any point, you may or may not be eligible to apply.

2)      If you were born after January 1, 1948 – was your maternal grandfather or great-grandfather an Italian citizen at the time your mother was born?

3)      Was your paternal grandfather or great-grandfather an Italian citizen at the time your father or grandfather was born?  

  • Note: if applying through your father’s relatives, you do not need to have been born after Jan. 1, 1948. You must have been born after this date, however, if applying through your mother’s relatives.

4)      If your spouse is an Italian citizen – have you been married for three or more years?

*For each of these qualifications, there may be exceptions. Contact the Consulate General of Italy in Chicago during regular office hours by phone at: (312) 467-1550, by e-mail at: or through their website. 

*For further assistance or for questions about seeking dual Italian citizenship, contact Senatore Renato G. Turano at 708.788.922 ext 387.

*For information about professional assistance from the Italian dual-Citizenship Assistance Program, go to the ICAP website.  

I may qualify – how do I apply?

  • Before starting the process, you will need:
    • A certified copy of your birth certificate
    • A copy of your US passport
    • A completed AIRE form
  • You will also need the following documents specific to the relative through whom you are claiming citizenship:
    • Relative’s birth certificate
    • Relative’s certificate of Italian citizenship
    • Relative’s naturalization certificate
    • Relative’s marriage certificate (certified copy Apostille if issued in the US)
    • If applying through right of blood, you will need to complete a jure sanguinis form.
    • If you are applying through your spouse, you will also need to complete an application through marriage form. 
    • Mail these documents to:

     Consulate General of Italy
     Attention: Dott. Luciano Oddo
     500 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1850
     Chicago, IL 60611

  • For further information about the process, contact the Consulate General of Italy in Chicago by phone at: (312) 467-1550 or e-mail at: You can also access their website here.