Summer is the season full of warm weather, memorable adventures, and good times. Summertime in Chicago is a season-long celebration reflecting all the unique diversity of the city. Chicago’s rich multi-ethnic roots contributes to one-of-a-kind concerts, fairs, festivals and many other types of events. Starting in June, all of the mini ‘communities’ within the collective city of Chicago come alive to showcase the food, culture, dance, art, history, etc. that they have to offer. The Immigrant Connect summer staff worked hard to explore these different neighborhoods and communities to capture not only the sounds and sights of the events, but also ‘snapshots’ of Chicagoans with rich stories about their immigrant and/or ethnic backgrounds. We hope that you enjoy exploring the Summer Snapshots as much as

we did. Please feel free to share your story with us as well.


Below is a list of events that we covered this summer. Please click on the name of the event that you would like to explore above on the cloudburst or click on the thumbnail of the event on the list below.