We wish to thank AT&T, Northwestern’s Roberta Buffett Center for International and Comparative Studies, and Medill for their support.

For four days in December 2010, we reported the stories of refugees living in Jordan, Namibia and Malawi. We continue to report the stories of refugees once they’ve resettled in Chicago. Check out our stories at Refugeelives.org, or go to them directly from the list below, where you’ll also find some frequently asked questions about refugees that we answer through personal stories of those involved:


From arrival to resettlement, an insider’s look at UNHCR By Christina Walkere

Moving toward a new future: An Iraqi family’s struggle By Christina Walker

In between lives: Iraqi sisters begin a new life in Jordan By Heather Devane

Pictures: A play of Iraqi refugees’ trials and triumphs By Christina Walker

“Sowar” of a City: Snapshots of Young Iraqi Refugees By Hannah Bricker

Scattered in an Urban World By Katherine Mullersman

Refuge for Iraqi Christians By Heather Devane

Play football, make peace By Kevin Short

Crafting community By Christina Walker

A commute of two countries By Hannah Bricker

A family divided: Dreaming of reunification By Hannah Bricker

Mariaham Alries: A new home for the holiday By Christina Walker


Slideshow: Dzaleka By Corinne Chin

A personal essay By Corinne Chin

What would you tell the world? By Zachary Wichter

Simon says: A refugee addresses Dzaleka’s problems By Corinne Chin, Lauren Manning, Zachary Wichter

Dzaleka Dances By Mitchell Armentraut, Shireen Ali Mirza

An activist life in the Dzaleka camp By Zachary Wichter

Losing his wife: One man’s tale By Lauren Manning

Health care: 11,000 people, 1 dispensary By Corinne Chin, Lauren Manning

“In need of protection” By Corinne Chin, Lauren Manning

“Rebel” with a cause: Dzaleka, Day 1 By Corinne Chin

Two homes, one family By Mitchell Armentraut, Shireen Ali Mirza

Refugee lives = Refugee struggles By Corinne Chin, Lauren Manning, Zachary Wichter

Tastes like chicken By Zachary Wichter

Meet us in Malawi By Corinne Chin

Update from Lilongwe By Corinne Chin

Arriving in Malawi By Lauren Manning


Refugee without status by Rose Conry

Osire refugee settlement: We believe by Chad Stambaugh

Refugees: Sand in a jar by Jack Doppelt

Going back home: The split in Osire’s future by Jack Doppelt

To the young and talented: There are only two things involved by Jack Doppelt

DP, a friend, maize meal porridge, and other things I learn by Marcia Mahoney

Food by the month by Chad Stambaugh

The strength within by Meixi Ng

Fishing with Mama Isabel by Meixi Ng

Travel plans with Shaibu Hafiz by Sarah Daoud

Healthcare at Osire by Krislyn Placide

Shared experiences make the grade by Sarah Daoud

From a librarian’s perspective by Marcia Mahoney

Kids will be kids by Kaitlyn Jakola

Parentless refugee finds family and faith by Rose Conry

Gabriel Yuma: Dreaming of emerging from the grave to life by Jack Doppelt

The Osire elder by Kaitlyn Jakola

From hospital to hospital with no relief by Krislyn Placide

Mike Müller: A national among refugees by Kaitlyn Jakola and Krislyn Placide

Osire learners excel with growth of school by Rose Conry

Refugee economics: Making a living by Kaitlyn Jakola

Hendricks Kabemba: Translator, poet, stuck after high school by Jack Doppelt

David Banda anticipates changes at Osire by Rose Conry

Angolan carpenter supervises building project at Osire by Marcia Mahoney

Permit problems…resolved by Jack Doppelt

An offer of marriage breaks the ice by Sarah Daoud

Talk of repatriation at Osire by Fabiano Leal

The refugees’ disconnect by Rose Conry

Etosha: Namibia’s pride, our joy by Fabiano Leal

Waiting to be resettled by Krislyn Placide

Accidentally on course by Kaitlyn Jakola

Talking shop: Principal to hopeful principal by Meixi Ng


Tekie Tsegay: An Eritrean refugee struggles to find work in Chicago by Shireen ali Mirza

Thoung Shwe: A Burmese refugee with time to share by Mitchell Armentrout and Corinne Chin

Shanti Niraula: The future is not there, it’s here by Heather Devane and Krislyn Placide

Qusay Al Salih: Three times a refugee by Kaitlyn Jakola and Fabiano Leal

Damodhar Dhakal: Finding the time to adjust in the States by Ariana Bacle and Rose Conry

Eugene Peba: A Nigerian’s fight for survival and protection by Lauren Manning and Christina Walker

Mofak Hasan: An Iraqi refugee totes his teaching across continents by Kate Mullersman and Kevin Short

Nabeel Aywab: Paradise found for a Christian family from Iraq by Stephanie Arias and Meixi Ng

Poe Clee: Resettled refugee prepares to return home by Hannah Bricker and Naomi Rosen

Jumatano Majaliwa: A Congolese refugee reclaims his children by Sarah Daoud and Zach Wichter

Surviving the Killing Fields to tell the Cambodian refugee story by Jessica Chou, Mallory Gafas and Keenya Hofmaier

The caged bird thrives: Jorge’s flight from Guatemala by Meital Caplan and Christina Rosales

Out of the tall grass with Sudanese refugee Peter Magai Bul by Lauren Alexander and Ashley Fetters

Leaving a life of “no choice”: Burmese refugee Ernest Pyaohn finds dignity by Dara Carroll and Lindsey Kratochwill

Fleeing the bombs of Baghdad: Omar Muhammad’s refuge by Blake Sobczak and Melissa Sobin

My homeland is a suitcase: The story of Palestinian refugee Awad Sifri by Lauren Coffaro and Kelsey Sheridan

Exchanging favors: Ethiopian refugee Esayas Mesfin’s survival kit by Kayla Stoner and Cathryn Vaulman

Escape, faith and dance: What it means to be Tibetan for Lobsang Yangphel by Philip Jacobson and Dan Q. Tham

Good Questions

What’s the difference between refugees and other immigrants, and how are those differences reflected in policy and practice in the U.S.? by Hannah Bricker and Naomi Rosen

What issues are involved in educating the children of refugees? by Ariana Bacle and Rose Conry

How are refugees treated in other countries compared with the U.S.? by Mitchell Armentrout and Corinne Chin

What are the complications for refugees when their families are separated? by Sarah Daoud and Zachary Wichter

What is the legal status of asylees coming into the U.S., and how does that evolve as they remain? by Lauren Manning and Christina Walker

How many refugees were allowed into the U.S. last year? From where? And how are those decisions made? by Heather Devane and Krislyn Placide

What is the first day for a refugee like? by Stephanie Arias and Meixi Ng

Who pays the airfare to transport refugees to the U.S., and how does it work? by Christina Alexander

Do refugees come to the United States with a clean bill of health? by Kate Mullersman and Kevin Short

Is the U.S. government the only agency to provide funding and other support for refugees? Who else is involved and what do they typically provide? by Kaitlyn Jakola and Fabiano Leal

What happens if a refugee and family move from the location or state where they were originally placed? by Shireen Ali Mirza

Other stories relating to the project

Interview on WBEZ’s Chicago Public Radio’s Worldview – Northwestern students report abraod on refugees in three very different settings

US journalism students create website to record visits to refugee camps – UNHCR site

Students Report Live From Refugee Camps – Medill site

Live Feed of Refugee Life: Northwestern undergrads report from refugee camps in Jordan, Malawi and Namibia – Northwestern site