Our array of stories

In the fall of 2019, months after the attention on separated immigrant children at the border had gravitated to Ukraine and impeachment hearings, we continued to report on the lives of immigrants and refugees in Chicago and beyond who were coping with policies and practices that had seeped into American society and narratives:

The march for DACA embeds memories and commits to change the narrative  By Hannah Gonzalez

Chicago’s Welcoming Ordinance is welcoming…to a point  By Nathan Ansell

New generation of Syrian immigrants find their place in the U.S.  By Sophie Kobylinski


There were questions seeking answers that we addressed. We posted them in our section Good Question:

What does it take for immigrants to start their own businesses? By Sophie Kobylinski

How has Cuban immigration changed since the cessation of the Wet Foot/Dry Foot policy? By Hannah Gonzalez

Are there differences in cultural identities between Mexicans who came to the US years ago and those who’ve come since the Cold War? By Nathan Ansell

Did former President Obama abandon the Syrian people? If so, when, and how do Syrians here feel about it? By Lucio Vainesman


Our student reporters wanted you to know something about them and the roots for their investment in reporting on immigrants unlike themselves. The stories are captured here  and on the Immigrant Connect staff page:

I get a hint of my British-Jewish heritage by By Nathan Ansell

My papa may not tell me much about his Argentine youth, but there’s always football  By Lucio Vainesman

Will Iranian roots survive another generation? By Sophie Kobylinski

I’ve got a golden ticket… but I don’t need it  By Hannah Gonzalez