The winds of the spring of 2021 are spreading seeds of relief, anticipation, reckonings and rebirths. An American president with megalomaniacal delusions is gone from power and authority. A new president has used the iconic First Hundred Days in office to try to regain trust and chart a course for the future. A new cadre of students have dedicated themselves to taking the pulse of immigrants, refugees and their communities to report on what they can expect and how they’re faring so far as the Biden administration rolls beyond its First Hundred Days. Here are the questions they raised and the stories they produced to address them:

In the process of doing the series on Biden’s policy changes: What immigrants can expect and how they’re faring so far, we encountered some extraordinary people you should know:


The student reporters wanted you to know something about themselves and their inspiration for investing in reporting on immigrants unlike themselves. The stories are captured here and on the Immigrant Connect staff page: