Recommended stories and documents from other sites during the Trump administration [since Jan. 2017]

Glossary of common legal terms for immigrants [from Immigrants Rising]

Specialized immigrant coverage sites —

Center for Immigration Studies [Warning – the site has an anti-immigrant slant that affects its stories and data]

Crossing the Border Newsletter, New York Times

Give Me Your Tired

Green Card Voices

Migration Policy Institute

Migratory Notes Pop-Up Newsletter

Podcasts and documentaries

 Dacumentation: Humanizing Our Stories, Spanish Public Radio and Northeastern Illinois University podcasts, 6 episodes, Oct. 30, 20, 2018-March 29, 2019 [each about 30 minutes] [in Spanish and English]Documentaries –

American Creed, Sam Ball and Randy Bean, series of stories [film is 1-1/2 hours in all]

We Are Witnesses: Becoming an American,  The Marshall Project

Let Me Count The Ways, This American Life [with prologue and five acts], Sept. 14, 2018

Sarah Stillman on Simulating the Refugee Experience – 13-minute New Yorker podcast, Nov. 28, 2016

Resistance stories

This is an emergency’: the volunteers bailing out migrants from detention, Th Guardian, July 21, 2019

ICE tries to bring man in Hermitage in custody, neighbors form human chain to let them get home, NewsChannel5-Nashville, July 22, 2019

Over 60 Cities Protest Family Separation at the United States Border, Teen Vogue, June 15, 2018


Inauguration – Donald Trump-Jan.- March 2017- Initial executive orders

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287(g) program – ICE partnerships with local law enforcement